DISC Behaviour Assessments and the Psychology of the Small Business Owner

Thursday, 15 May 2008 20:58

Wendy Dashwood-Quick of Resolution Coaching will be talking us through DISC Profiling Behaviour Assessments. Self mastery is the key to becoming a first rate leader and communicator. In this talk you will learn why, in this new competitive reality, emotional intelligence is at a premium in the workplace and in the market place. Under the twin pressures of globalization and information technology, becoming a virtuoso in interpersonal skills is the corporate future. Wendy will show how she helps professionals understand and master their own psychology and emotional intelligence through behaviour assessments. This talk on DISC will be of particular interest if you’ve ever wondered why some people respond to change better than others, and why some people love networking while others hate it. Plus Wendy will demonstrate how, with this knowledge, you will have some new strategies to cope with the endless challenges facing small business owners in the 21st Century.

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