IT Security

Thursday, 12 June 2008 20:56

David Turner from Sarala will be giving a presentation, discussing data security, and housekeeping, and why it’s often overlooked until it’s too late. What would your company do if your entire I.T infrastructure was unavailable to you, due to disaster/hardware failure, or if an important file was deleted accidentally. Does your company have an effective backup/recovery plan in place to be able to recover in sufficient time to continue in business, and what would be the financial impact. Topics covered will include: • Types of backup devices and media available. • Suitable backup strategies • Ensuring all the data you require, is backed up. • Preventing data loss due to hardware failures using a “Fault Tolerance” strategy. • The importance of good disaster recovery documentation. • The importance of staff training, to maintain the backup strategy. • Storage and security of backup and installation media, as well as license documentation.. • An effective disaster recovery plan to keep your business running, i.e premises and communications.

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