The Full Picture

Thursday, 01 June 2017 00:00

As a natural progression from our last meeting, where we explored the notion of why we do what we do, as opposed to identifying the how and what we do. This session will look at how through the application of graphic design, we can convert these 'feelings' into a powerful brand identity that communicates to your current and future customers how and why.  

With twenty years industry and over ten years' lecturing experience, Esther Feltham will explore the key themes of strategy that lead to the visualisation of an organisation's beliefs and values. The session aims to demonstrate how, when an organisation recognises the value of a strong visual personality and invests in a brand story that they become the market leaders.

An organisation that invests in its visual appearance shows itself to be an organisation that cares.

Through the use of visual examples we will examine the successes and pitfalls of global (and a couple of local) visual identities.

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