Firebreak Programme

Thursday, 28 July 2016 00:00

David Bond from Essex County Fire & Rescue Service will be telling us about the Firebreak Programme.  Firebreak is a 5 day direct intervention inclusion programme, designed and delivered by Essex County Fire & Rescue Service (ECFRS) for groups aged 10-12, 13-17 and 18+. The programme promotes a culture of safety and citizenship by providing a range of vital life skills whilst undertaking the various disciplines of the Fire Service.  

The Firebreak courses are delivered in partnership with funding organisations and student providers to:

  •  Instil a sense of self-discipline, self-worth, independence and responsibility.
  •  Promote teamwork amongst the attendees.
  •  Encourage trainees to respect the differences between people.
  •  Confirm the benefits of worthwhile and fulfilling relationships.
  •  Urge students to play an active and worthwhile role as a member of their community.
  •  Ensure that the trainees make the most of their own and others potential.

The course objectives are achieved through a combination of practical and classroom based training as well as diversionary activities on the drill ground and mentoring.

Activities include: parade in uniform, high pressure hose drills, casualty search and rescue while wearing breathing apparatus, first aid education, and confidence building exercises in the form of problem solving. Firebreak aims to reduce the potential for, and impact of, a risky lifestyle for participants, their families and local communities. Firebreak can also work to enhance the confidence or ability to work as part of a team for participants who are considered gifted and talented.

ECFRS rely on funding from partner agencies to be able to deliver these courses to our communities across Essex. There is also large PR and marketing opportunities available to companies who partner with ECFRS to help fund these positive engagement programmes.

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