Going Deeper... Our Ideal Clients

Thursday, 06 November 2014 00:00

Following hot on the heels of our 'New Members Session' at the last meeting, this time we are going to spend a bit more time going deeper into some of our existing members' businesses and finding out the profile of their ideal clients and in doing so learning more about their businesses.

We started this process earlier in the year and several of our members had the opportunity to tell us about the types of contacts/introductions that they would like to receive to help move their businesses forwards.  It is going to be the chance for a few more people present at the meeting to do the same.

Please put your thinking hats on so we can find out what each of you require – it can be as specific (focussing on the short term) or general as you wish.  Think about the characteristics of your ideal client and share these with us, although don’t just resort to ‘someone who is happy to spend lots of money with you’!

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