And now for something completely different......The London Underground

Thursday, 24 June 2010 20:11

Roger Ellen from London Underground will attempt to unlock the mysteries of the world's oldest and largest underground system! Starting with an outline of the fascinating historical background through to the continuous development that is taking place in the 21st Century. Roger will explain the importance of these upgrades, why they cause so much disruption to services at weekends and how to avoid them where possible! Ticketing and fares, new trains and the mysteries of the Circle Line, the importance of Crossrail, especially to the business community in this area will, hopefully, be explained. Are there any ghosts on the Tube? Why is the Central Line so crowded? What is a dwell time? Why do we refer to our rolling stock as cars and not carriages? How do I get the best value from my Oyster card? All these questions will be answered and many more!

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