Rebrand: Not just changing the label

Thursday, 22 July 2010 00:00

Imagine your company is a product packaged in a tin. Does the label say what's inside the tin? What kind of customers does your tin attract? Does it represent the true flavour of your business? Margaret Fleming has built up a successful business over the last 17 years, advising people on their image in their personal life and work. Despite being a lucrative business, she felt it was time to change direction. She recognised that her passion lay in the corporate world, working with business owners and corporate teams, and firmly decided to push her business in that direction. In order to attract the desired level of customers, she had to rethink her label, she needed to rebrand. During the branding process it became evident that not only the label had to change, but the packaging itself, the price and the store it was sold in. Her business offering was carefully repackaged into a highly polished, beautifully wrapped box, preserving the essence of Margaret Fleming. Come and see the transition from Margaret's 'The Image Practice' to 'Fleming Marvellous' under the direction of Pyxis Media.

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