Thursday, 18 May 2006 21:45

This was a content packed meeting, chaired by Peter Disney.

We started with introductions to the updated and now content managed Website and a brief training session on how members can update their membership details.

Gary Horsley then set the scene with an update on where the Business Cafe is now in comparison with some of the original concepts when the Cafe 'opened' three or so years ago. This was enlightening as some newer members have not been aware of the research that resulted in the Business Cafe, or perhaps appreciated its unique positioning and possibilities.

Buddy groups then reported on a previously circulated paper on Future Direction of the Cafe. Interesting and varied ideas, comments and observations flowed and broadly divided into two distinct areas:

internal membership and event management
external direction and marketing

Volunteers were sought to create working parties to develop these two areas with a common link to ensure continuity of overall direction. It was also noted that whilst members are happy to devote time to these projects, there is a requirement for this to have some pay-back. The motivation is individual and might be a mix of financial, educational or be seen as further development of potentially associative business relationships.

It was suggested that the groups should report their activities and/or progress at each meeting to keep the membership informed and to re-inforce to visitors that this is a group with a difference. It was also agreed that the Members Only meetings were important for steering the direction of BC.

Thanks were given to Mark Adlem for his work chairing the Business Cafe.

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