The Invisible PowerPoint Show

Thursday, 28 October 2010 00:00

Have you ever wondered what juggling with lemons has to do with powerful presentations or why 95% of all PowerPoint slide shows have us yawning in the aisles? These and many more essential presentation secrets will be revealed during this fast paced, hugely entertaining Invisible PowerPoint show. Packed with hints, tips and tools you can instantly use to transform every presentation you ever have to make. The lasting impression that only the professionals can manage could be yours if you come and enjoy the fun of this powerful show. A must see for anyone who has ever had to speak to a group and make a real impact. An alternative exploration of what the world’s finest presenters are doing to separate themselves from the vast majority of the presenting masses. Highlights include the 5 ‘must have’s to open your audience and engage instantly, why most presentations are built upside down and how to flip yours back the way they should be, using your body to increase your impact, the how, the why and the when of using visuals, increasing confidence, the secrets of a successful question time and how to leave your audience singing your tune. Quite possibly a life changing session...

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