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We are a creative and intelligent graphic design studio, specialising in branding; from logos to websites we help our clients stand out from their competition.

Print Services

  • Branding and visual identity
  • Printed marketing material; brochures and promotional literature
  • Stationery and branding components
  • Advertising
  • Point of sale and exhibition graphics
  • Art direction and photograph
  • Writing and editorial services­­­
  • Print production management (finding the right printer for your job)

Digital Services

  • Web and App design
  • Social media management
  • Mailchimp newsletter design and management

Branding and visual identity is more than just a logo; it stretches across all visual components from the business card to the side of a lorry and even the language you use and the clothes you wear. It is about projecting a personality and reflecting the core values that sets your company apart from your competition. We believe that organisations with a confident approach to brand strategy inspires confidence and loyalty, not just in your customer base but also within the organisation. We also believe that the opposite is true; an organisation that does not invest in branding is likely to be outperformed by companies that do.

Consider this; you get a template business card and a free template website, because it does the job and gives you a presence. In reality, the subliminal message you are putting out is one of "that'll do", which we can be certain is not a value you would want associated with your company. It presents you as generic with no distinguishing features and someone in a completely different sector could appear the same as you! This makes no sense. You are different from your competitors and thoughtful branding will convince your audience that you are better than the rest. By investing in your company's visual appearance you demonstrate an attention to detail, an acute awareness of quality and the importance of individuality.

We work with established organisations in a couple of ways; firstly, we can work with existing branding and apply it to a new brand components (for example, a website, brochure or van livery). Secondly, if there is an appetite to refresh the identity because it looks a little tired, or it no longer reflects the organisation, we can provide evaluation, strategy and design. We also work with new start-up companies perhaps, even before they have a name and guide them through the naming process to the design and implementation of their new brand.

Our clients gain from our creative thinking and we think the most important point to get across is that branding and promotion should not be regarded as a business cost, but embraced as part of your strategic investment in your organisation. 

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