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Paula has helped many people who needed specific  support  during intense periods of pressure and stress.  Using a unique system of training, they quickly regain clear-thinking and good decision making, releasing the aches and pains of tension around the body and boost their immune systems for improved overall health and wellbeing.  

Ruane BioEnergetics provides and teaches a proven drug and talk free system of techniques which are easy to learn with long lasting results.  The main areas that people see Paula for help and support with are:

  • Unexpected and unwanted change such as divorce, serious illness or other lifestyle changes
  • Enhanced decision making and performance
  • Improved restful  and restorative sleep
  • Increased health and strengthened immune system
  • Resilience and coherence training.
  • Risk assessments for businesses and personnel to reduce absenteeism and its resulting disruption and costs.

The client is scanned using bio-feedback programmes to discover the root and contributory causes of stress which are particular to that client’s environment. These can be wide-ranging and cover areas such as toxins, silent viruses, heavy metals and diet as well as intellectual or mental pressures and worry.

Paula’s clients range from company directors, school heads of departments, City traders, sole-traders, SME’s and HR departments and consultants.  Improvements range from total reduction of miscellaneous aches and pains, cessation of prescription drugs to improved creativity and intuition, return of balance, performance and control of situations and life in general.

This is a unique fast acting system developed for board room to post room, businesses and individuals to rapidly reduce the effects of stress, to increase resilience and to enable people to deal more effectively with the pressures and pace of modern life.


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9-11 Mill Street, Nayland, Colchester, Essex, CO6 4HU
020 3582 2088

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