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Neil was a serial entrepreneur who continuously started new businesses. Today he is a focused entrepreneur, who works exclusively on Mr & Mrs Hogbin Gardening Services in Colchester, providing customers with a specialised range of gardening services that focus on what Neil has coined the 2B’s & 4P’s of gardening:

  • Specialising in the 2B’s: Beds & Borders
  • Focusing on the 4P’s: Plan, Purchase, Plant & Prune

Beds & Borders

We believe that the use of beds and borders is the very essence of gardening. We aim to produce a pleasant environment that is a joy to be in. Our simple bed and border projects become the backdrop against which you can relax and enjoy the pleasures of an outside space.

Plan, Purchase, Plant & Prune

We can design with plants in your garden using a planting plan or plant list. Plus, trips to garden centres can be a bit overwhelming, knowing what plants are healthy and when they are available, don't worry, we can buy them all for you.

The best beds and borders are those that are well maintained. We can prepare your beds and borders properly, weeding, feeding, digging, mulching and then prune, shape, dead-head and water long-term.

Neil & his wife Agnė — A couple of green-fingered enthusiasts. Founded Mr & Mrs Hogbin Gardening Services in 2016. Today they manage a fantastic team of gardeners.

Neil has always loved Art & Design since he was a young boy, today he channels his creative focus into both planting theory and practice. Inspired by nature, together with his wife we can create amazing planting plans. Demonstrating how soil, mulch, fertiliser and pruning are as important as plant selection. He use both watercolours and computer aided design to create his planting plans, showing the essential building blocks of a Specialised Colchester Bed that will bring vibrancy to his customers garden throughout the year.

His wife Agnė Hogbin (yes, Hogbin's our real surname, we're not just a faceless company) studied up to a Masters level in Environmental Science and did a Horticulture Internship in USA at Morris Arboretum of the University of Pennsylvania and also Harold L. Lyon Arboretum, University of Hawai'i at Mānoa. She also worked at FitzGerald Nurseries & Micropropagation laboratory in Ireland. People say she has an encyclopedic knowledge of plants.

They exclusively work in Central Colchester, Essex, on small to medium size gardens. 1st consultation is free with no obligation to hire. Call today!


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Mr & Mrs Hogbin Gardening Services, 17 Boadicea Way, Colchester, Essex, CO2 9BQ
07966 083 050

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