A Typical Meeting Agenda

We meet at 06:45 for general networking chat, with a 7am sit down to commence the meeting. Breakfast arrives at around 7:15 and the meeting concludes at around 08:30. Mini-meetings then often arise between members and guests until everyone has drifted away.

  1. Introduction to Meeting - Welcome from the Chairman
  2. Welcome to Visitors
  3. What Are We Doing Here? The rationale behind the Business Café.
    • Regular structured meetings focusing on business matters
    • Access to experts and professionals - knowledge sharing
    • Promotion of products and services
    • Grouping with others to tackle markets
  4. Getting to Know You

    Each member spending a short time (2 mins) introducing themselves
    General networking chat over breakfast

  5. What's Happening

    Feedback from Committee members (generally) about things relating to the Business Café
    (eg Projects, state of finances, marketing plans, etc)

  6. Did you know?

    Opportunity for members to share any information that they think is worth sharing with the other members - perhaps a change in legislation, a cost saving tip, a useful contact, etc

  7. Main Theme: The main theme for the meeting Types of meeting are:
    • Presentation & discussion
    • Hot Seat - ask an expert
    • Debate
    • Workshop/Seminar
  8. Referral Testimonials

    Opportunity for members to thank others for referrals.

  9. Next Meeting Details
  10. How was it for you?

    Feedback from the attendees about the meeting

New guests are given one of our "visitor's packs" with details about all the members and the services they offer. Guests are also invited to go on our mailing lists, and return to a future meeting - or join our ranks!

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